Our day time group meets on Tuesday mornings


Ministry Center

200 NE Atlantic St,

Tullahoma, TN 37388

Preschool Childcare Available


Contact us:

Phone: 931-455-5461

E-mail: MGBibleStudy@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

108 E. Grundy

Tullahoma, TN 37388


8/9/2017 3:41 PM

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Our evening group meets on Sunday Evenings


Ministry Center—Room 104

200 NE Atlantic St,

Tullahoma, TN 37388


Childcare, AWANA, and teen activities available

...where women are encouraged to develop their relationship

with Jesus Christ through the study of God’s Word..


Text Box: Morning GloriesCommunity Ladies Bible Study
Coffee County, TN

¨ Work on Tuesdays?

¨ Live too far from Tullahoma?

¨ Would like to participate anyway?

We’d love to have you join us via e-mail!

Just contact us and we’ll send you the information on how to join Morning GloriEs.

We’ll set you up with our current study.  There will be a lesson to do each week followed by a video lecture posted each week.


Check out our past studies!

Morning GloriEs
Our E-Mail Participants
Pick a group that best suits you!MG:  Evening Edition
Morning Glories

Morning Glories proclaims with excitement that our preschoolers on Tuesday mornings will follow along with their mom’s study! 

Shall we call them our MG Li’l Buds!?!


Morning Glories:  Evening Edition—preschoolers and children can participate in AWANA and there are several small groups for teens … check it out at fbctullahoma.org

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